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Get Personally Matched With the Right Online Therapist for You

If you’ve tried without success to find the right psychologist for you on, you might consider online therapy with what is arguably the web’s leading platform for ethically solid, HIPPA compliant service. In addition to therapists, they also offer services from psychiatrists.

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A Different Provider: CBT With Weekly Chat and Unlimited Messaging

Another route to online CBT comes via a provider with a dedicated online team of consultant therapists, cognitive behavioral therapists, practitioners and support staff — all working together to deliver CBT through a combination of direct personal support and web-based tools and resources.

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(As with the first option above, you can cancel at any time.)

A Different Provider: Get a Question Answered via a Psychologist, Psychiatrist, or Therapist

If you’d just like to get a question answered, without any further commitment or lengthy therapeutic process, it’s hard to do better than connecting with one of the thousands of experts in mental health who can answer any question you’d like to leave via a text chat box.

A Different Provider: Quick Feedback via Secure Chat

Alternatively, for anything from quick feedback on a single question to a more complex or lengthy discussion, you might consider a different service, one which has been in operation for nearly two decades and which offers online counseling via chat in areas including (but not limited to):

What About That Other Online Provider?

Yes, it’s true: this site used to feature practitioners from another platform whose ads are pretty ubiquitous. (You may have seen them promoting a service a bit like “Wetter Kelp”.) But just one business day after mentioning to them that we thought it would be a good idea for them to stop sharing so much personally identifiable customer information with advertising affiliates, they “fired” us as an advertising affiliate. (This was the same organisation which in 2023 paid a multimillion dollar settlement to the FTC for unethically sharing individually identifiable patient information with third parties such as Facebook.) So, that’s why we no longer carry the details of thousands of well-intentioned and professional practitioners who use the “Wetter Kelp” platform, the vast majority of whom are probably unaware of what happens to the personal information of clients who contact them via the service.

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